Animal Communication

60 Minutes for $130
30 Minutes for $65
45 Minute Therapeutic Energy $65

(15 Minute Return Client Check-in for $30)

NOTE: I offer a sliding scale for those with financial constraints—contact me to learn more.

There is no limit to how many animals we connect with or what topics we go into. Up to three animals fit nicely into a half hour. If there are medical issues or more then three animals, an hour is the better option. Some animals are rather talkative.

Disclaimer: Please note I am not a veterinarian nor am I trained in animal nutrition. Everything that comes through is from your animal or its’ higher self. Please understand that all suggestions are just that, and further research or medical attention may be required.

Hearing what animals have to say reminds us of the inter-connectedness of all beings, a great oneness of which we are all part.  For those who are seldom heard, being recognized allows for healing and transformation and awakens a sense of peace within.

When we engage in clairsentient communication, we are simply tapping into a universal language everyone has access to.  I’ve spent the last fifteen years practicing this language and communicating with animals all over the world.

Your animal’s intelligence, humor, compassion and love may surprise you. Your animal knows what it needs, and sometimes what you need.  They’re just waiting to be heard…

What Can a Session Cover?

  • Physical Wellness: The physical world of your pet includes big changes like moving, adding a new pet or baby to the family, vacations, & everyday concerns such as food, medical care, body systems, physical complaints/concerns, etc.
  • Emotional Wellness: Understanding the root of emotional stress and trauma can help release inharmonious feelings and behaviors or lead to finding solutions
  • Spiritual Wellness: Together we discover insights into your friends journey and their reasons for incarnating at this time. Like all of us, an animal feels more fulfilled when connected to their life’s purpose.
  • Questions Regarding Death and Dying: Hearing your animal’s wishes in regards to transitioning from this world can bring a lot of clarity and light to what can be a difficult decision. Connecting with pets that have crossed over is available as well.
The Outcome

Once an animal feels heard, they often gracefully shift into a more balanced state of being. Pets love harmony. They often have excellent advice for enhancing an overall sense of peace for themselves, their owners and their homes.

What Does a Session Entail?

Sessions are 30 or 60 minutes. They take place over the phone with the owner on the receiver and the animal in a relaxed state. The owner and the animal do not need to be in the same location only both in an uninterrupted space. No sessions will be permitted while a person is driving.

Please email a picture of each animal, along with name and age, before the call. A list of questions will also help focus the session.

Lost Pets

While pin pointing a lost pet’s location is not my forte, I can tell you if the animal is still alive and what it’s experiencing at the time. This has led to pet rescues in the past. At the very least, knowing if your animal friend has passed on can allow one’s family to grieve.  Animals are still very connected to the earth.  They have an internal GPS system.  When you move and someone advises “keep you cat in for two weeks” it’s so their internal GPS resets to the current location.  When an animal gets lost, their GPS gets a little screwy.  That’s why they can be hard to locate psychically.

What Can You Do?

One of the best things you can do is go outside, get quiet, breath into the heart and send a ray of golden light from your heart to theirs. This keeps the connection strong and clear.  Tell them it’s time to come home.  Even doing this simple act has brought my own animals and others animals home again.

Your animal’s intelligence, humor, compassion and love may surprise you. Your animal knows what it needs, and sometimes what you need.  They’re just waiting to be heard.

Gift cards are now available!

  • Animal Communication—30 Minutes for $65
  • Animal Communication—60 Minutes for $130
  • Intuitive Guidance—60 Minutes for $150
  • Healing Energy Session (Adolescents)—60 Minutes for $80
  • Healing Energy Session (Adults)—80 Minutes for $150