Therapeutic Energy

From the outside looking in, these sessions are very simple. Through a gentle laying on of hands universal energy moves through me into you. Where your energy flows – brilliant. Where it doesn’t – we go to work.

Animal Communication

Your animal’s intelligence, humor, compassion and love may surprise you. Your animal knows what it needs, and sometimes what you need. They’re just waiting to be heard.

Intuitive Guidance

Through communication with Spirit Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters we bring forth a unique and personal session tailored to meet you where you are on your path and to shine light on where you are going.

Gift cards are now available!

  • Animal Communication—30 Minutes for $65
  • Animal Communication—60 Minutes for $130
  • Intuitive Guidance—60 Minutes for $150
  • Healing Energy Session (Adolescents)—60 Minutes for $80
  • Healing Energy Session (Adults)—80 Minutes for $150

Book Your Next Appointment

Use the button below to schedule an in-person session by email. In-person is only available on Fridays in my Great Barrington office. You can also book a virtual session during the week using Square Appointments. Weekend sessions may be available on a limited basis. Reach out for more information.

NOTE: I offer a sliding scale for those with financial constraints—contact me to learn more.