Therapeutic Energy

Adults: 80 Minutes for $150.00
Adolescents: 60 Minutes for $80.00

NOTE: I offer a sliding scale for those with financial constraints—contact me to learn more.

From the outside looking in, these sessions are very simple. Through a gentle laying on of hands universal energy moves through me into you.  Where your energy flows – brilliant.  Where it doesn’t – we go to work.  We all have storage compartments or places where we store guilt and fear and anxiety and stress and new trauma and old trauma, mental patterns, and emotional patterns.  You name it, we store it.  These things get heavy over time.  They also clog up our system and we stop having the space within us and around us for joy, vitality, strength, peace, ease, faith, love – the things we want to cultivate in our lives.

At the end of a session, clients often says “I feel lighter” or “I haven’t felt this relaxed in a long time.” Once you put down the energetic weight you’ve been carrying, moving forward happens with more grace and ease. 

Technically we are moving up the chakra system and out into the layers of the energy field.

I often joke that the therapy table is a time machine.  We can go back and send love into dissociated parts of yourself at different ages where some sort of disconnection took place through trauma or difficulty at that time.  We love those parts and bring them home.  If they are not connected they are often still living in shock or pain and we cannot move forward without them.  We need all our parts to heal and shine the gifts they have into the now.

We also go into the energy field, looking for tares or openings that are leaking energy.

You can’t pour water into a cracked cup.  If an area of your being is depleted, we rebuild it so it can hold energy and then we fill it up.  This will often help a person feel safer or more grounded in their own space.  We are also releasing the energy of those who have had the most effect on us, both good and bad.  Even if you love your spouse and children, having them deeply woven into your energy field can feel overwhelming and exhausting.  And these are the people we like!  Their are plenty of those we haven’t liked and they’ve effected us deeply over time and it’s time to let them go.  I like to give the client their own space back.  Then I like to re-enforce that space so they are picking up less discordant energy from their surroundings.

These sessions create a gateway to change.  Change is often what we are wanting, but it takes courage to take the first steps. Together we illuminate pathways and open doors.

Each session is a unique manifestation of who you are, what you are ready to release, and the healing you are ready to receive.

Gift cards are now available!

  • Animal Communication—30 Minutes for $65
  • Animal Communication—60 Minutes for $130
  • Intuitive Guidance—60 Minutes for $150
  • Healing Energy Session (Adolescents)—60 Minutes for $80
  • Healing Energy Session (Adults)—80 Minutes for $150