Flower Essences

Because I work extensively with flower essences, animals will often request them through me. I work with a company called Green Hope Farm and I encourage you to visit their website at www.greenhopeessences.com — it’s a magical place.

What is a Flower Essence?

Where we take the leaves and roots of plants to make herbal medicine, flower essences are made with flowers to make energetic medicine.  Each Flower has a specific healing, strengthening and balancing electrical pattern unique to that species of flower.  Essences come in a mild shisho leaf vinegar that has little taste once in water.  Often animals and children are so attracted to the essences, the vinegar taste doesn’t matter.  I have a cat that drinks them right out of my hand.

Each Flower Essence is a tool that can lead us towards greater health and well being by offering us the Flower’s healing wisdom about specific emotional, mental, physical and spiritual concerns. Each Flower Essence also can help us to remember our true eternal identity as one with God, an irreplaceable and unique part of all that is.

– Green Hope Farm

You cannot hurt anyone with flower essences and they do not interrupt allopathic or homeopathic medicines.  They work synergistically with other modalities as they put the animal or human in a greater state of ease and balance.  This will often allow other medicines to work more effectively and with fewer side effects.  

Be careful not to touch the tip of the essence dropper to an animal or person’s mouth or body.  This will leave a vibrational imprint from that person in the essence.  If this does happen, simply rinse the dropper in running water to clear it.   

How to use?

The easiest way to administer flower essences is in water.  Because water conducts electricity, and flower essences are electrical in nature, a few drops in a bowl or bottle of water will imprint the entire thing.  This means a few drops will do.


Once you have the essences you’d like to use, simply place 2-3 drops of each essence into the water container of choice and sip throughout the day.  I use them daily in my own water bottle and the water bottle I send with my child to school or camp.  When I don’t have them, I notice.

My homeopathic vet once told me to put two bowls of water out, one plain water and one with flower essences. That way the animal can choose when it wants essences or not.  I did this for a while, but honestly, with a busy life, it was too much.  I noticed the cat almost always choose the essence water and I went with that.  And quite honestly, I get the essences in the water bowl only 5 out of 7 days anyway.  But if you’ve got the space to do this, it’s a nice idea.

Other ways to use flower essences:

  1. In the tub. Because of the electrical nature of flower essences, the entire tub takes up the imprint of each essence.  Think about it, your emmersing your whole body in water teaming with vibrational messages of health and well being.  It feels good.  This is great for grumpy husbands, tired moms, and wound up children.
  2. Directly on the body.  For humans, a few drops on the underside of the wrist is nice.  A drop or two on each wrist them rub together like perfume.  For animals directly on the paws works nicely and many will spend some time licking the drops off.  Back of the neck for animals works well too and then can be smoothed down the spinal column with a loving hand.  Also place drops directly on aching places and closed wounds.  I also love to drop them on my bare feet.  Especially the one called Grounding.  What better place to put it?  
  3. Directly into the mouth.  I’ve been using flower essences with my child since he was born – literally.  Once he was old enough I would say “be my little bird” and he would tilt his head back and open his mouth.  As momma bird I would place a few drops of whatever essence we were using at the time directly into his mouth.  So cute and I miss those sweet little bird days.
One of the most important things about flower essences is consistency of use: 

Acute conditions:  If it’s something sudden like an accident or onset of illness, once you choose your essences – Emergency Care is a often a good place to start –  use the essence a number of times throughout the day.   Once the symptoms stop, continue for a few hours or days but that should be enough.  Emergency Care is great to have on hand for fights, bumps, flus, tantrums, and all other frantic or suddenly alarming moments of life.

Chronic Conditions:  Let’s say you’re dealing with an illness or issue that’s been in place for longer.  If you’re dealing with digestive issues for example, it took years for your system to work itself up to a place where it became a problem that had to be solved.  Flower essences are subtle yet profound.  They will work deeply and transmute long standing problems over time.  While this is not an exact example, let’s say you’ve had five years of stomach issues.  It may take 6 months – 1 year of daily flower essence doses (Digestive Woes) to unwind this condition from the body.  Stick with it.  It’s worth it.  I’ve seen many animals move transition out of chronic problems just with flower essences.

The Green Hope Farm website has an amazing search engine that allows you to look up any essence by topic, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Green Hope Farm

The first time I heard of Green Hope Farm was 2001 at a women’s sacred fire ritual.  As soon as I got there a woman I’d never met came right over to me and said “My rabbit just died and I used Green Hope Farm Flower essences.” 

When you’re an animal communicator, people just come over and start telling you about their animals and they don’t even know why.  I’ve gotten used to that over the years.  About six months later my cat, Luna Bear, got really sick with cancer.  She went downhill fast and it was one of those deaths that rips the world right out from under you.  I remembered the lady and her rabbit story and ordered some essences. 

Luna spent three days in a closet not eating or drinking.  I’d gone to call the vet to help her move to the other side but as I picked up the phone, it made a strange noise and stopped working.  I took it as a sign but I was very lost as to what to do. On the afternoon of the third day the postman came and delivered our first order of essences from Green Hope Farm.  As soon as the box came in the house, Luna came out of the closet.  I opened the essences and put Transition, Grief and Loss and Arbor Garden right on her.  She went outside and layed on the earth for hours.  We used the essences a few more times that day and each time we both felt deep relief and ease.  The next morning she left her body with profound grace.  It was beautiful to be part of. 

When my son was six months old the neighbors put an addition on the house that included a week of jack hammering the earth in front of our house.  My baby changed.  He stopped wiggling and giggling.  He just sort of laid there making weird strangled noises over and over.  He wasn’t sick but something was definitely off.  When these things happen I always check in with my inner guidance and angels.  I kept hearing “put pink on him”.  So I found pink socks and a pink hat but…no change?  But every time I asked I got “put pink on him.” Finally after spending a day trying to figure out what that meant it dawned on me – Flower Essences!  Back then, Green Hope Farm essences were in a printed book of alphabetically listed essences instead of online.  I went to “P” for pink and laughed my way through ordering the answer…

Description of Pink Yarrow from Green Hope Farm

“Pink Yarrow from the Cliffs of Moher Achillea millefolium The Cliffs of Moher on Ireland’s wild, west coast plunge seven hundred feet down to the Atlantic. Luminous green fields drop abruptly to the sea far below. Only the sea birds, circling along the cliff’s walls, and people the size of dots give any sense of the scale of this majestic place. My husband loves heights. I do not. The first time we went to the Cliffs in 1980, there were no fences. Jim lingered on one precipice after another next to signs like, ‘Beware! Edge prone to crumble.’ I imagined newspaper headlines including, ‘Honeymoon High Point Ends in Free Fall to Atlantic’. In 1998, when we returned for a second visit, there were fences everywhere. My relief was short lived, as the Elementals wanted Jim to pick this Pink Yarrow as close to the Cliff’s edge as possible. How quickly he bounded over the fence to pluck those Flowers! The Pink Yarrow is a marvelous Essence, but I think the Elementals owe me for this one!

Like the site where these Flowers grew, this Pink Yarrow has a vibration of confident splendor, complete ease and unapologetic self-expression. The energy of the Essence encourages us to shine in all our glory even when we are in a place of extreme exposure or feel very exposed. The Essence awakens us to our eternal safety, no matter where we are.

In 2005, when I returned to the Cliffs of Moher to make more of this Essence, I arrived to be greeted by distressed Elementals. The day was so foggy that we could not see the Cliffs. Everything seemed turned around in the chaos of major construction. The only noise was the noise of construction vehicles and the only visible lights, the blinking lights of enormous excavators. The vibration of the place felt terrible. The Elementals told me that blasting with explosives for site improvements had disrupted the energies of the entire Cliff. The blasting was done for a new underground visitor center but like so many things humans do, this project, meant to ease the human impact on the location, had inadvertently violated all the sacred energies of the place. After commiserating with the Elementals, I turned to go. “Wait” they said “We still want you to make Pink Yarrow from the Cliffs of Moher. This time we bring to the Essence an even deeper strength to hold one’s own inviolate spirit in spite of destructive events.” Away from the crowds and the construction, I found the patch of Pink Yarrow that the Elementals wanted me to use for the Essence. How grateful I am to these Elementals. They continue to hold the Cliffs in form despite human errors, and they still reached out to the human community with the generous offer of this Essence. They really walk their talk.

I AM joyful self-expression wherever I AM for I AM always safe in God’s arms.”